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Yousef Abo Zarad (born October 6, 1990), also known as Doctor Yousef, is a Syrian dermatologist, content creator, and social media personality. He has a YouTube channel that provides medically themed entertainment. Abo Zarad is often called by the news channels to share his expertise in various medical fields.

As an influencer, he regularly discusses concerns relating to varied medical themes through his social media handles. He has amassed over 4.3 million subscribers for his social media platforms, making him the most followed arab dermatologist influencer.

Early life and education

Abo Zarad was born in a Muslim family in Aleppo, Syria. His father Moustafa Abo Zarad, is a paediatrician and has significantly contributed towards Abo Zarad’s inclination toward becoming a doctor since an early age. Yousef Abo Zarad was given the nickname “Doctor Yousef”, by his high school friends, owing to his father’s profession. He enrolled at AI-Baath University in Homs, Syria in 2008, and completed his bachelor’s in medicine in 2014.

In 2018, due to the ongoing war in Syria, Abo Zarad relocated to Germany as a refugee. After settling down in Germany, he changed his university certificate to German and earned his German Certificate of Amendment. He later pursued his master’s in dermatology.


After relocating to Germany, Abo Zarad started working as an orthopedic surgeon and honed his skills in surgery, by managing emergency patients and working on night shifts. Following this, Abo Zarad decided to shift his specialization to dermatology and cosmetology and gained expertise and experience performing various surgeries involving scar correction, skin cancer, laser interventions, micro-needling, botox, filler and several other surgical and cosmetic interventions.

In 2017, Abo Zarad joined Instagram and started documenting his medical life journey through his account. He soon started discussing concerns relating to varied medical themes through his social media handles. He has amassed over 1.75 million subscribers to his YouTube channel “Healthy Thinking” where he regularly shares medically themed entertainment content with his subscribers. He has also been credited with the YouTube creators award and has achieved the silver and gold play button for gaining 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers respectively. Building a solid social media presence and emerging as an influencer and media personality in Europe and the Middle East, who discusses skin, hair, weight loss, and other concerns.

Abo Zarad is also an active participant and contributor at various conferences and media outlets, through which he aims at sharing his knowledge and expertise and also enhancing his knowledge, keeping up to date with recent technology trends, treatments, and research in the industry.

Awards and recognition

  • 2021: 100,000 subscribers Creative YouTube Award.

  • 2021: 1,000,000 subscribers Creative YouTube Award.

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